Raspberry Infused Honey

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This sour raspberry and creamy honey infusion is one to hide from the family. It is the perfect replacement for sugary spreads in your kitchen, and can be added to your drinks, morning porridge or yogurt.

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This amazing and healthy treat will blow your away. The creaminess of CarnieBees’ raw honey and freeze-dried raspberries makes this honey an incredible culinary experience.


CarnieBees produces pure, raw honey from Aberdeenshire, Scotland and is never pasteurised or high pressure filtered meaning it retains all the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antibacterial properties that raw honey is known for. The freeze-dried raspberries that are being used for in this infusion remained the taste, aroma and vitamins which makes this not only tasty, but also healthy treat.


What can I do with raspberry honey? The answer is absolutely anything and we recommend you experiment with it as much as you can. You can have it in your tea (temp under 40 deg.c) or other drinks, porridge, yogurt, use it as spread or even as an alternative to icing. It is also a perfect snack if you just want to eat it on its own.


Colour: Pink. Colour: The colour of the honey may be lighter or darker than the one in the photo due to honey origin.

State: Creamy

Taste: a sweet taste of sour summer raspberries and rapeseed honey

Harvest season: Summer.


Produced in Aberdeenshire, Scotland by native Scottish bees.


Good to know: Honey is best stored at room temperature. Honey is not recommended for infants under 12 months.

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4 reviews for Raspberry Infused Honey

  1. Patrycja L.


  2. Oxana

    Great product for a baby shower favour

  3. Rhianna

    Absolutely delicious, tasted even better than I expected

  4. Lorna

    Fantastic taste . Will definitely but again

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